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IECIGBEST TOP Electric Dab Rig


IECIGBEST TOP Electric Dab Rig


TOP E-RIG is a powerful three-in-one electric dab rig with 2200mAH replaceable and rechargeable battery, automatic recognition pattern and real-time temperature control that define its‘TOP’ nature.

Its foolproof operation is not only suitable for novices, but its powerful functionality can satisfy experienced enthusiasts as well.You can feel the product quality innovation, enjoy the best flavor of concentrate.TOP E-Rig brings you the extreme quality experience.
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Elevate Your Moments: TOP Electric Dab Rig

Step into a world of elevated cannabis indulgence with the TOP Electric Dab Rig. Crafted with a lightweight plastic casing that offers a comfortable grip, and featuring a removable 18650 battery with a substantial 2200mAh capacity, TOP redefines your dabbing experience. With compatibility for glass attachments like the puffco peak and four distinct temperature modes illuminated by captivating blue, green, red, and white lights, TOP sets the stage for an extraordinary session.

Key Features and Innovations:

🔥 Lightweight Plastic Casing: The TOP Electric Dab Rig boasts a lightweight plastic exterior that offers a pleasant tactile experience, combining comfort and functionality.

🔋 Removable 18650 Battery: Enjoy extended dabbing sessions with the convenience of a removable 18650 battery boasting a 2200mAh capacity.

🔌 Glass Compatibility with puffco peak: Embrace versatility with glass compatibility, including attachments like the puffco peak, broadening your dabbing options.

🌡️ Four Temperature Modes: TOP presents four temperature modes, showcased by the dynamic blue, green, red, and white lights, allowing you to explore a range of dabbing experiences.

🌟 Visual Heating Indicators: During the heating process, the lights shimmer, signifying the device’s warming progress. When ready, a gentle vibration indicates your smoke is primed for enjoyment.

🌿 A Versatile Companion: Whether your preference is weed, concentrates, or CBD oil, TOP caters to your choices, ensuring a versatile platform for diverse sessions.

🔥 Redefining Dabbing Elegance: TOP Electric Dab Rig isn’t just a product; it’s a statement of style and innovation. Its precision and adaptability set new standards for the dabbing experience.

Elevate Every Dabbing Experience

TOP Electric Dab Rig embodies more than just advanced technology—it’s about embracing each dabbing moment to the fullest. Its design and features transform the act of dabbing into an art form.

Ignite Your Dabbing Passion

Created for enthusiasts of cannabis concentrates who value social engagement, TOP Electric Dab Rig revolutionizes how you share your enthusiasm. Whether you’re gathering with friends or seeking personal satisfaction, our device seamlessly integrates innovation and style, delivering a remarkable experience.

Explore TOP Electric Dab Rig Further

Visit our website for a comprehensive understanding of TOP Electric Dab Rig’s features. Embrace the future of dabbing and unlock a journey that’s as exciting as it is exceptional.

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What’s Inside the Box (Original) :

1* Loading tool

1 * Cotton swabs

1* USB cable

1 * Glass attachment

1 * Carb cap

1 * Atomizer cover

1 * quartz nail/1* titanium nail

1 * Atomizer

1 * Base

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