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BAZOKA PRO Portable Mechanical Dab Rig

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I-MAGMA Electric DAB RIG(drink-smoke)

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Original price was: $199.99.Current price is: $159.99.

PAGODA E-RIG Smart Hand-held E Dab Rig
Real-time Temperature Control
7 Lighting Color Options
Magnificent Glass Water Bubbler
Atomizer Connected Vibration Alert
Built-in A Rechargeable 3000mAh Battery
Replaceable Atomizer Features Ceramic Chamber
Delicate Leather Round Perimeter, Stable Metal Base

Smarter and more powerful. It looks small, but it is easy to operate with just a button.
*video display

free delivery
PAGODA protection (1 year)
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Redefine Your Dabbing Experience with PAGODA

Step into a realm of innovation and style with the PAGODA Electric Dab Rig. Designed with an avant-garde exterior inspired by the elegance of a pagoda, this device merges aesthetics with performance. Featuring a type-C rechargeable system, a robust 3000mAh battery, and customizable temperature settings, PAGODA provides an unparalleled vaporization experience.

Key Features and Innovations:

🏯 Pagoda-Inspired Design: Embrace a fusion of modern aesthetics and traditional elegance. PAGODA’s design draws inspiration from pagodas, creating a unique and captivating appearance.

🔋 Type-C Rechargeable: The convenience of type-C charging ensures that PAGODA is always ready for your next session. A 3000mAh battery guarantees extended usage.

🌡️ Customizable Temperature Control: Take control of your vaporization experience with manual temperature adjustment. LED real-time temperature display adds a layer of precision to your sessions.

🎨 Seven Color Modes: Express your style by selecting from seven different color modes that suit your preferences and mood.

🌿 Optimized Vaporization Chamber: The spacious ceramic chamber ensures thorough vaporization of concentrates, while also being compatible with puffco peak pro devices, enhancing your dabbing versatility.

💨 Elevate Your Dabbing Sensation: Experience an unparalleled vaporization sensation with PAGODA’s innovative design and advanced features.

Unleash Your Personal Style

PAGODA Electric Dab Rig isn’t just a device; it’s a masterpiece of design and functionality. It’s about embracing the essence of your preferences and infusing them into your dabbing ritual.

Reignite Your Dabbing Passion

Crafted for enthusiasts of cannabis concentrates who value social connection, PAGODA Electric Dab Rig revolutionizes how you indulge in your passion. Whether you’re sharing with friends or seeking personal fulfillment, our device seamlessly integrates innovation and style, delivering an extraordinary experience.

Discover PAGODA Electric Dab Rig in Depth

Visit our website to explore the intricacies of the PAGODA Electric Dab Rig. Unveil the future of dabbing and embark on a journey that’s as inspiring as it is exceptional.

Keywords: PAGODA Electric Dab Rig, electronic dab rig, cannabis concentrate, CBD oil, pagoda-inspired design, customizable temperature control, optimized vaporization, dabbing versatility.

Package includes

1*Pagoda Base

1*Water Bubbler

1*Wax Atomizer

1*Dab Tool

1*Type-C Cable

1*User Manual

1*Gift Box


April 27, 2024

had this for almost a year atomizer went bad fixed it customer support sent me a new one free of charge they paid for shipping and all i never paid a dime still using the old atomizer and works like a cousin uses a regular bad rig lol he said my rig was shit ….he took one rip and had to sit down lmfao this HITS

kyle p

Love it

January 25, 2024

Had this over a year , works great for flower or oil.


I like it

December 27, 2023

Ok so full review on tobar , it works when it wants to basically, the sensor for the automizer is the problem, it works when it wants to work , you have to play with the automizer for a bit but when you do get it working it works until the automizer moves or the sensor is moved in any way . It’s the best dab machine I have had in a very long time , comparable to puffco , very smooth BIG hits and very good for full taste of the concentrate it makes the hit very tasty , it’s a GREAT product when it wants to work . But when it works 100/10 product, the design is small and portable very strong and well built I love it . If only I get make it work 100% of the time hahah it has its own brain 🧠


No Title

December 18, 2023



Great vaporizer

December 18, 2023

Have one, works great, I love it.


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