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ELITE-mini Dry Herb Vaporizer


IECIGBEST CHEER Dry herb vaporizer

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ELITE Day Herb Vaporzier


ELITE Day Herb Vaporzier


The Elite Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit is an all-inclusive package featuring a built-in 2500mAh battery and an aluminum alloy casing.

With a ceramic heating chamber and a glass mouthpiece, it ensures an odorless experience while maintaining a pure taste and providing easy cleaning. The isolated air path guarantees an authentic flavor profile.

The digital temperature control screen memorizes your previous temperature settings for convenience. The heating can last for up to 5 minutes, delivering an intense and satisfying experience that will leave you feeling euphoric.

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Key Features and Highlights:

🌟 Exquisite Metal Craftsmanship: The Elite Day Herb Vaporizer boasts a full metal casing paired with a detachable quartz mouthpiece, combining materials and craftsmanship in a stunning fusion.

🌡️ Temperature Freedom: A simple triple-click allows seamless switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit, enabling you to adjust vaporization temperature to your preference.

📐 Compact Portability: With dimensions of 1.1 inches in width, 1.4 inches in length, and 4.2 inches in height, it easily fits in one hand for a convenient and portable experience.

🔋 Long-Lasting Battery: Powered by a robust 2500mAh battery, it supports 9-10 complete cycles after a full charge, ensuring a stable and enduring vaporization journey.

🔥 Versatile Heating Chamber: Utilizing ceramic, stainless steel, and glass, the multi-material heating chamber ensures even heating and accommodates 1-2 grams of herbal material.

💨 Authentic Flavor Experience: The unique filter hole design, along with the use of quartz glass for the mouthpiece, promotes a healthier and more authentic flavor with fewer impurities.

📈 Temperature Memory Function: Equipped with temperature memory, easily recall your last used temperature setting, while the high-definition LED display shows real-time temperature for precise control.

🌿 Multipurpose Herbal Enjoyment: The Elite Day Herb Vaporizer isn’t just for cannabis; it’s also an ideal companion for various dried herbs, offering a range of vaporization experiences.

Unlock the Essence of Herbal Delight

The Elite Day Herb Vaporizer is more than a vaporizer — it’s a tribute to the essence of herbs. Experience the purity of vaporization and delve into the authenticity of nature.

Ignite Your Passion for Herbal Enjoyment

Designed for those who cherish herbal vaporization, whether indulging personally or sharing with friends, the Elite Day Herb Vaporizer blends innovation and design to provide an unparalleled experience.

Explore the Charms of the Day Herb Vaporizer

Visit our website to explore the essence of the Elite Day Herb Vaporizer. Unleash the potential of herbal vaporization and embark on a passionately flavorful journey.

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April 27, 2024

had this for almost a year atomizer went bad fixed it customer support sent me a new one free of charge they paid for shipping and all i never paid a dime still using the old atomizer and works like a cousin uses a regular bad rig lol he said my rig was shit ….he took one rip and had to sit down lmfao this HITS

kyle p

Love it

January 25, 2024

Had this over a year , works great for flower or oil.


I like it

December 27, 2023

Ok so full review on tobar , it works when it wants to basically, the sensor for the automizer is the problem, it works when it wants to work , you have to play with the automizer for a bit but when you do get it working it works until the automizer moves or the sensor is moved in any way . It’s the best dab machine I have had in a very long time , comparable to puffco , very smooth BIG hits and very good for full taste of the concentrate it makes the hit very tasty , it’s a GREAT product when it wants to work . But when it works 100/10 product, the design is small and portable very strong and well built I love it . If only I get make it work 100% of the time hahah it has its own brain 🧠


No Title

December 18, 2023



Great vaporizer

December 18, 2023

Have one, works great, I love it.


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