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BAZOKA Portable Vaporizer


BAZOKA PRO Portable Mechanical Dab Rig


BAZOKA PRO Portable Mechanical Dab Rig


The Bazoka Pro is more advanced than the first generation, featuring an upgraded, extended water gun.A collision of tradition and the future, with a metal alloy casing, insulated, precise control, 3-second enjoyment, portable design, held with one hand, enjoy the taste of flame vaporization anytime, anywhere.
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Everything is in your hands with the Master Extractor: Bazoka Pro Portable Mechanical Dab Rig.

With the launch of the Bazoka Portable Mechanical Dab Rig, you’re about to embark on a completely new extraction experience. This innovative vaporizer ingeniously combines a butane torch with a Dab Rig, crafting a multifunctional integrated vaporizing device. By adding butane fuel, the Bazoka redefines your extraction method. The design heats a quartz chamber above the flame, evaporating concentrates. The quartz chamber seamlessly connects to a glass bubbler, achieving heating and vaporization within a single device without complex steps or intricate parts.

Key Features and Innovations:

🔥 Innovative Fusion: Bazoka redefines your extraction experience by cleverly combining a butane torch and Dab Rig, offering a compact yet multifunctional vaporizing solution.

🔥 Butane-Powered Quartz Vaporization: Using butane fuel, the flame heats the quartz chamber above, effectively vaporizing concentrates. The quartz chamber is tightly connected to a glass bubbler, ensuring a seamless heating and vaporization process.

⚙️ Advanced Mechanical Design: The rocket tube seamlessly blends modern mechanical manufacturing with traditional flame heating, presenting an innovative and efficient extraction method.

🔆 Versatile Bowl Options: Prefer herbs? Choose a porous quartz bowl that lets flames burn through the gaps. For concentrates or CBD oil, opt for a solid quartz bowl accessory for efficient vaporization.

📦 Built-in Storage Compartment: The rocket tube features a storage compartment that can accommodate accessories and provides convenient storage for herbs and concentrates, so you only need to carry one rocket tube on your travels.

Unleash the power of fresh extraction

The Bazoka Portable Mechanical Dab Rig is more than just a device; it’s a harmonious blend of mechanical engineering and extraction innovation. With each draw, you’ll experience the synergy of tradition and cutting-edge technology.

Ignite your passion for extraction

The Rocket Tube Portable Mechanical Dab Rig is designed for cannabis concentrate enthusiasts who value social connections, fundamentally changing your extraction methods. Whether sharing with friends or indulging in personal satisfaction, our device seamlessly blends innovation and style, offering an extraordinary experience.

Dive deep into the world of Mechanical Dab Rigs

Visit our website to delve into the essence of the Bazoka Portable Mechanical Dab Rig. Unleash the potential of mechanical extraction and embark on an exhilarating journey filled with passion.

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