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How soon after I buy will I receive my product?

   When iecigbest receives an order, it will process the order and dispatch the goods within 48 hours, except for holidays, orders during holidays need to be processed within 48 hours after the official work. Under normal circumstances, orders will be delivered within 14 days, because of the impact of the new crown epidemic, very few areas cannot guarantee delivery within the specified time. At the same time, expedited service is also supported, but you need to pay extra for the freight of expedited service.

Why did the payment fail?

   Iecigbest products are sensitive products and can only be paid with visa and mastercard credit cards, and the payment success rate is only 70%. When the payment fails, you can try to pay multiple times. If it has been unsuccessful, it may be that the international payment has not been opened, and you can contact the bank to apply for approval.

How can I check the location of my order in real time?

   After processing the order, we will provide the tracking number of the logistics carrier, which can easily check the location of the logistics and the status of the order.

How can you cancel and get a refund?

   If the order is not shipped, unconditional cancellation of the order is supported, and the payment will be returned to the original range. If the goods have already been dispatched, the cancellation of the order cannot be understood. You need to wait for the goods to be delivered to your hands, return or refuse to return to the delivery warehouse, we will process the refund according to the return rules.


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