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Why is my tobor or top flashing red light?
  • Red light flashes 3 times:

   short circuit (the insulation ring at the electrode of the atomizer is twisted many times, resulting in breakage, which can be solved by replacing the insulation ring or the atomizer);

  • Red light flashes 5 times:

   no load (poor contact of the atomizer, Not screwed in place.);

  • Red light flashes 8 times:

   insufficient battery (charge immediately, if you have an atomizer, you can’t charge. It can be no-loaded, unscrew the atomizer and charge it to solve it)

What to do when tobor or top flashes red light?
How can I tell that BAZOKA is full of fuel?

  Shake the prepared butane inflation tank a few times to make the air pressure and gas in the tank evenly mixed.

  Align the air nozzle of the inflatable tank with the air inlet of the lighter vertically, and press 3-5 times for about 3 seconds each time.

  When it is full, you will feel a little resistance. After it is full, let it stand for about one minute, wait until the temperature of the lighter is restored, and then use it.

  If you can’t start a fire, you can increase the valve. 

About the problem of “no atomizer ” on the ESH2 screen.

  First check whether the atomizer is tightened, if other operations are normal, the atomizer is broken, choose to replace the atomizer (common with the top atomizer) to solve this problem.

About BAZOKA no flame does not work.

  When the factory leaves the factory, the flame valve at the bottom will be reduced to facilitate transportation, and the flame valve at the bottom should be adjusted when used. If it is just filled with butane fuel, it needs to be stationary for the 30s to 1 minute before use.


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