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   Since the establishment of the IECIGBEST brand in 2017, we have been inspired by enterprising people, innovators and designers, from tradition to electronics, from artificial to intelligent, from complex to simple. We have covered between them, innovated continuously between them, and launched a series of intelligent DAB RIG products, which have been well received by many customers for their high quality, low price and excellent service.

Product Launch

The company established a research and development design team.develop DAB products on the market. Through various performance tests, we successfully developed the first intelligent DAB RIG TOP at the end of 2018, entering the market of  intelligent devices.

Global Expansion

   Then, we were established a cooperative foundatory to produce the company’s products and equipment. In the same year, with the gradual increase of orders in the North American and European markets and the gradual expansion of overseas markets, the company will strengthen after-sales efforts and research and development of new products.


  We insist on continuous improvement and upgrading, also provide complete after-sales protection to customers. The company has one goal and two insistences: to become a global vaporizer company with sustainable health and environmental protection services. Adhere to customer experience as the highest requirement, and insist on providing high-quality and low-cost products.

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